hey what video is that from the marzia and pewds gifs where she was like did you see my tweet and he was like no no i didn't check it... what the hell is this... and then he like jumps up like something scared him on the computer

/post/37278385194 can you give me third gifs video?

post/37190504529 where is thos from?



link 1 (livestream)

link 2

link numberr thrrree

where did you get the video of pewdie with the flying thing? what's the link?


Flying thing, Pewds playing the guitar

Links are at the end of the last Heavy Rain episode. Just vote for Siren Blood Curse or Indigo Prophecy

Can you make a gif of Pewdie from this video /fxI5wTEr97g where in 0:58 he winks at the cam? Please.


I actually made it for PewDieVids already

In this gifset)

How many followers do you have? :)


Is this so important?)

258 by now

Which program do you use for making gifs?


Adobe Photoshop CS5

If you were to attend Hogwarts, which house do you think you'd be in?


I’m in Slytherin at Pottermore. And I think it’s right (:

this is just a idea but you could do username graphics :D


I thought about it. But I don’t really feel like doing this now. Maybe later… 

omg i love your gifs! just wondering, how do you make them? do you have to download the video or what..? :o

Well, yeah. Download video, then do some magical things in PS :D

It’s easy. Try this tutorial

And thank you (: